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Narrow Site


At Storybook, we understand that narrow sites can present unique challenges when designing a spacious and functional home. However, we love turning challenges into opportunities. We had the pleasure of working with a client with a land width of only 7.5 meters who desired a 5-bedroom home with a garage and a pool. Fortunately, their land had rear lane access, which allowed us to create a stunning street appeal at the front while strategically placing the pool between the entertaining rear area and the garage. With our expertise in maximizing space and thoughtful design, we fulfilled their wish list and created a beautiful home that exceeded their expectations. No matter the width of your site, we are confident in our ability to design a home that meets your needs and desires. Contact us today to discuss your narrow site, and let us create a remarkable home for you.

Narrow site
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At Storybook, we pride ourselves on achieving remarkable results, even on narrow blocks. Regardless of the frontage of your narrow block, our design team is skilled in creating innovative and functional solutions.

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