The Construction process

About Permits


Storybook services usually include applications for Town Planning/development permits (not including permit fees in client budgets). Town planning is a complex process and often takes considerable time. Therefore, clients must understand that project timelines for the process are only possible during the application as the complete understanding of issues unfolds. Given the timelines of applications, the Storybook staff always have many jobs to attend to at any time. However, we always aim to help get every permit out as soon as possible.


After submitting the Town Planning/Development permit application and receiving a positive response from the council, Storybook proceeds to send all relevant plans and information to the engineers.

They are responsible for preparing the necessary engineering details for the building's structure and the slab/foundations. Once the engineering information is received, the application for the Building Permit is submitted.

Whenever possible, Storybook recommends engaging a private building surveyor/certifier to handle the issuance of the Building Permit and provide inspections throughout the construction process.

This preference is based on their experience of private surveyors/certifiers being consistently faster than the Councils/Shires in their services.

Storybook readily provides such information as requested. Clients will be asked to give the Owner Builder or Builder registration details. Additionally, if the application involves the installation of a septic tank or treatment plant waste disposal system, the licensed plumber responsible for the installation must apply for the necessary permits.

It's important to note that the building permit can only be issued after the town planning/development permit has been granted.