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Hidden Secret

As you contemplate building your dream home or exploring your options, take a moment to reflect on what brought you to this website. Chances are, like many of our clients, you were captivated by the beauty of a Storybook home you saw gracing a street or featured in an advertisement. The strong emotional appeal of our homes is no secret. Still, you may need to realize that this appeal carries a hidden benefit that only becomes apparent when it's time to sell. Storybook homes are highly desirable and attract many interested buyers, making them a wise investment in the marketplace. They perform exceptionally well at auctions, where aspiring purchasers compete for the prize. At Storybook, we firmly believe that the superior street appeal and great interior designs we consistently produce for our clients provide substantial future benefits. By investing in a Storybook home, you're creating a beautiful and functional space for your family and securing a valuable asset for years to come.

Walden Manor
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My career in real estate began when I was a young salesman, and I soon became a licensed agent in my family's business. It was an exciting time because our business also had a design and drafting department, which my father led. I was inspired by my father's designs, as they all had a unique and superior appeal compared to other homes on the market. He emphasized the importance of a home's "street appeal" and how it could add value to a property, which became a reality to me after witnessing the higher sale prices for such homes. My time in real estate only reinforced this belief, and I became passionate about helping my clients find homes with exceptional street appeal.

Mount View homestead
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It was always my destiny to pursue my passion for home design and eventually establish my own building business. My father, Ralph Malcolm, played a significant role in shaping my design philosophy. His influence has been a driving force behind the development of our unique design principles and products that form the foundation of our family business, Storybook, which was established in 1990. It brings me great satisfaction to know that our Storybook customers are building a home that will be cherished by them and any future owners who are fortunate enough to call it their own.

Riverview Homestead
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While you may plan to enjoy your beautiful new Storybook home for years to come, it's always wise to consider the potential resale value in the future. Life can be unpredictable, and circumstances may require you to sell your home. At Storybook, we believe in the importance of great interior design, proper capitalization, and, most importantly, creating stunning street appeal - all of which can ultimately lead to a more successful sale.

Emerald Ivy
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