Storybook Home Styles



Storybook's signature weatherboard construction style is beloved by those seeking a charming home in the countryside. Classic architecture has been especially popular in areas where traditional design is highly valued, offering a standout choice for town blocks and blending seamlessly with the surrounding homes. On farms, our country cottages provide the perfect balance between a traditional homestead feel and modern energy efficiency, with careful consideration given to the new energy rating requirements. We understand that the classic "veranda all the way around the house" design may no longer be practical. Our country designs feature a thoughtful balance of sunlight and verandas to create an energy-efficient home that still exudes a striking presence. Our wide-set country homes are a stunning example of this balance between functionality and style. Contact us to learn more about our country cottage designs and how we can bring your dream home to life.

Mahadys Homestead
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Merrigals Corner
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