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A New Chapter For Storybook

Storybook Designer Homes (SDH), initially called Storybook Cottages, was founded by me in 1990, soon after the demise of my building business ( Early Settlers Cottages ), which operated for 17 years in VIC, NSW and QLD. The business succumbed to the effects of the massive “ Keating Recession “ that caused countless failures in the building industry, among scores of many others. I never thought I would ever see such a devastating trading period again, I was wrong. In 2022, I made the difficult decision to place SDH into voluntary liquidation after it had operated successfully for over 32 years. This was due to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions, followed by a series of relentless mounting problems facing the building sector in the years ahead. Unfortunately, we joined a record number of industry failures that continue as I write this today in 2023.

After its closure, Siri and I were grateful to receive words of support and well wishes from many past clients and followers who were sad to hear of its demise. So many loved our homes. Encouraged by this and the need to establish an income, we began to consider setting up a new business. When the liquidator advertised and offered SDH designs/names and IP for sale, Siri and I became inspired to act because if we won a bid to buy, it would enable us to start a new ‘Storybook’ business and, at the same time, support the liquidation process by offering a substantial price that was probably several times higher than its actual market value. When our offer was accepted, we began to move forward with setting up a new Storybook business.

Siri and I, with a small group of family members, are the owners of this new business, STORYBOOK TIMELESS DESIGNS PTY LTD and STORYBOOK CONSTRUCTION SUPPLIES PTY LTD planning to be trading around mid-2023. It’ll be a far smaller and leaner operation than before but like “Phoenix rising from the ashes”, we will be trading as STORYBOOK DESIGNER HOMES, thus preserving the history and the pride we have for our former business and the long-established Storybook tradition in our family of creating TRULY BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER HOMES for our clients.

Phil & Siri Malcolm

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