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Family Home

We specialize in designing floor plans that cater to the needs of families, regardless of their size. We aim to enhance the quality of life for every family member, including your beloved pets.

Our designs consider all stages of family life, from the early years with babies to the time when children eventually leave home. We understand the unique requirements and dynamics that each stage brings, and we strive to create floor plans that accommodate and support your family's evolving needs throughout these stages.

Walden Manor
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Hi, I'm Phil Malcolm. Initially, I was the only designer of the earlier Storybook homes when the original company was established in 1990. I already had the unique perspective of being a young designer with four children under the age of four. The demands of family life at such a young age undoubtedly had a transformative effect on my design thinking, allowing me to truly comprehend the wisdom my father had shared with me for years.

Riverview Homestead
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This personal understanding fueled a fresh perspective in how I approached the layout and design of my family, my late wife, Sue, and our four children, Daniel, Nathan, Amy, and Rebecca, now adults. All are now married to their own beautiful families.

Later on, after marrying Siri, my family expanded further to include two stepchildren, Ben and Alex, adding to the richness of my family dynamic.

Hampton;s Pool
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My journey as a designer and a family man, spanning multiple stages of family life, has undoubtedly shaped the unique perspective and invaluable insights I bring to Storybook's design approach.

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