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First, never build a mansion on anything but a superior piece of land. The magnificent mansion pictured here graces an equally beautiful acreage with a long winding driveway, private lake and killer views, perfect. Whether city or country, the mansion should always be given the respect of ensuring correct capitalisation. More than any other possession, the mansion is the one that says you’ve made it.

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It's important to prioritize the enjoyment of living in a mansion, as a large size only sometimes guarantees easy and comfortable living. Our clients, regardless of their financial status or the scale of the home they desire, are often down-to-earth individuals seeking to create a unique and beautiful living space where they can embrace a loving and relaxed family lifestyle.

At Storybook, we frequently advise clients to consider slightly controlling their mansion's size and instead invest in quality. This approach ensures that the home maintains a human scale, providing a sense of comfort and intimacy. We believe that it's better to focus on creating the perfect building that exudes the grandeur of a mansion while still meeting the practical needs of its occupants.

Mount Eliza Hamptons
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For most Storybook mansions, the basic house cost falls within a more affordable range, typically between $900,000 to $1,500,000.+ Additional costs may be incurred for superior finishes and fittings that elevate the overall aesthetic and luxury of the home.

Blue Diamond
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Our philosophy emphasizes finding the balance between size and quality, ultimately creating a mansion that not only impresses but also delivers a truly enjoyable living experience for you and your family.

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